Our goal at Pfood Pfairness in Pflugerville Schools is to ensure that every student may receive nourishing meals without worrying about debt or embarrassment. No child should ever experience hunger or humiliation as a result of their family’s financial situation. We work hard to provide the necessary funds to assist families in our district by reducing the financial burden of the students’ lunch debts.

Why Help?

The benefits of achieving our goal are twofold, not only helping those students affected by the lunch policy, but all students and teachers in the district. At the end of every school year, the debt to the food service provider must be paid by PfISD (as required by USDA federal law). If there are negative balances beyond what is anticipated, the district must repay them out of funds meant for student programs and teacher resources meant to enhance educational experiences. And still, the students’ negative lunch balances remain.

Helping those families in need by paying off the student lunch debts can end the necessity for the alternative lunch policy, thus eliminating the embarrassment students feel at having their chosen entrée replaced in front of their peers.

Additionally, since the district is currently still owed over $100,000 from the 2022-23 school year, any negative balances accrued over the current year will only add to the burden. Because there are now two separate but equally important issues, all supporters of Pfood Pfairness can now choose where they would like to help. Donations can be applied to the current school year, protecting students from the embarrassment of the alternative lunch and preventing additional debt in the district. Or, funds can be allocated to address the 2022-23 debt, helping the families and paying back the district.

KXAN Interview with Blake DeVine


According to the United States Census Bureau, there were over 160,000 people living in PfISD in the year 2020. And how much have we grown since then? This means if our community is able to give just $1 per person in their household, we would not only pay off the 2022-23 debt in full, we could continue to help those in need and prevent students from receiving the alternative lunch.

We want to make a difference, but we need your help!